School Ties Wiki
Sally Wheeler

Occupation: Student (Overbrook)

Relationship(s): David Greene

Extracirricular: Swim team

Family: Mr & Mrs. Wheeler

Friends: Charles "Charlie" Dillon

School: Overbrook

Sally Wheeler, a beautiful debutante at Overbrook, is the only main female character in the 1992 film School Ties. She is also the love interest of David Greene.

Greene and Wheeler meet at an interschool dance between St. Matt's and Overbrook. It is first assumed by Greene that she is Charlie Dillon's girlfriend, however, she informs him to the contrary, explaining they simply "share some woods in Maine." Wheeler also makes it clear that she is romantically interested in Greene.

Wheeler pursues Greene by inviting him to a date with her at Skip's Diner. They develop a relationship together which culminates with them kissing at the post-game celebration at the country club, following St. Matt's win over St. Lukes (the alma mater of Sally's father).

Charlie Dillon develops a strong envy for Greene upon finding about about the two of them, and uses Greene's Jewishness against him. Wheeler is no longer interested in a relationship with Greene after finding out about his ethnic/religious background.