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McGoo while making prejudiced remarks against David.

Richard "McGoo" Collins is a supporting character in the 1992 film School Ties. He wears thick glasses with a strong prescription, and presumably gets his nickname due to his poor eyesight (Mr. Magoo, the cartoon character, is nearsighted) This and his small size probably plays a roll in why is is not more of a nerd than the other guys.

For what McGoo lacks in physical prowess, he makes up for with his sharp tongue. He is the first person, after Charlie Dillon, to actively antagonize David Greene when the students find out he's Jewish. At one point, in the school cafeteria, he is attacked by David Greene after he throws continuous insults at him. Chesty Smith and Chris Reese comes to McGoo's defense. In fact, Smith, who is his roomate, quickly defends McGoo any time he is confronted. 

McGoo is of short stature, has thick glasses which makes him appear even more nerdy, and is unathletic. Furthermore, he is protected by Chesty Smith, has similar popularity to the rest of the guys, and seems to have a cute girlfriend (seen at the dance) despite all this. This suggests that his family may be very high in the social ladder, perhaps almost as high as Charlie Dillon's. 

McGoo first accuses Jack Connors of cheating when the announcement is made, and later accuses David Greene when the verdict lies between him and Dillon. 

McGoo is also shown to be an anti-semite because of constantly making fun of Greene for being a Jew as well as the most likely culprit for putting the sign with a swastika over Greene's bed.  

McGoo is portrayed by Anthony Rapp.