Jack Connors

Age: 17-18

Occupation: Student

Extracirricular: Football lineman

Friends: Charles "Charlie" Dillon, Rip Van Kelt, Richard McGoo Collins, David Greene, Chris Reese, Chesty Smith, Mack McGivern

Enemies: Mr. Cleary, Richard "McGoo" Collins, Charles "Charlie" Dillon (the last two after he comes out in support of Greene)

Strengths: Works hard to improve his grades, shows signs of motivation. 

Weaknesses: Goofs off too much

Jack Connors is one of the main characters in the 1992 film, School Ties. Connors is portrayed as a quintessential jock who underperforms academically. Connors, however, significantly improves his grades as the year progresses.

Connors is one of the students who turns against Greene when Greene's Jewish background turns to light. In spite of this, he doesn't actively partake in bullying of Greene. Towards the second half of the film, Connors is able to drastically improve his work in French and History class. Mr. Cleary, however, accuses him of cheating on one of his better translations.

As a result of this, he is highly suspect when Mr. Gierasch announces that someone had cheated in the history exam. Richard "McGoo" Collins is the first to accuse him of cheating. This visibly upsets Connors and he tries to attack McGoo. When it comes down to determining whether Greene or Dillon cheated, Connors comes out in support of Greene.

Jack Connors is portrayed by Cole Hauser.

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