Gracin Dillon Jr is a minor character in the 1992 film School Ties. Mr. Dillon is the father of Charles "Charlie" Dillon and Gracin Dillon III.

Mr. Dillon is only shown in the scenes surrounding the "big game" between the St. Matthew's and St. Luke's football teams. David Greene is introduced to him by Charlie at a picnic shortly before the game and is invited to have dinner with the Dillons and the Wheelers at the country club thereafter. Mr. Dillon tries to console Charlie into seeing the positives of his efforts, without much success. Despite Charlie's claims that his family is putting undue pressure on him to match the achievements of his older brother, Gracin III, Mr. Dillon comes off as friendly and accepting of both his sons on an equal level.

It's not said what Mr. Dillon's position in society, but it is implied that it is a high one, possibly an old money industrialist. Mr. Dillon is among the St. Matt's alumni who helps fund David Greene's recruitment in order to beat St. Luke's.

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