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David Greene is the main protagonist of the 1992 film, School Ties. Greene hails from a working class Jewish family in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Greene is shown early on in the film to be very popular, and it's no mystery that he makes friends easily. Greene also makes enemies, due to his Jewish background, notably Kocus and his gang in Scranton and later, Charlie Dillion and his friends.
David Greene is a jew.
About to be a senior at a local public high school, Greene is offered an Alumni Scholarship by coach McDevitt to play quarterback for St. Matthew's varsity football team. David accepts this with the blessing of his father and relocates to the preparatory school's grounds in Massachussetts.
Greene makes friends quickly while at St. Matt's, and wins the affection of beautiful Overbrook Prep debutante Sally Wheeler. His social status, however, takes a sharp downturn when his peers discover that he is Jewish. Only Chris Reese, his roomate, Rip Van Kelt, Jack Connors, and an unnamed student show any sympathy towards him.
He and Charlie Dillion are both accused of cheating on a history exam in Mr. Gierasch's class, and Greene is eventually absolved. His fate is left unknown, but it is implied that he graduates from St. Matt's and later attends Harvard University.
David Greene is portrayed by Brenden Frasier.

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Full Name: David Greene

Age: 17-18

Occupation: Student, Cafeteria server

Extracurricular: Football quarterback

Family: Alan Greene (father), Sarah Greene (sister), Peter "Petey" Greene (brother)

Romances: Sally Wheeler

Friends: Bear, Charles "Charlie" Dillion, Rip Van Kelt, Jack Connors, Mack McGivern, Chris Reece

Enemies: Kocus, Charlie Dillon (later in the movie), McGoo Collins, Chesty Smith, Mr. Cleary

Good at: Football, socializing, dancing

Weakness: Trouble with confrontation, short temper

David Greene is a jew.


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Name: David Greene
Gender: Male
Age: 17-18
Occupation: Student
Religion: Jewish
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