"Mack" McGivern

Age: 17-18

Occupation: Student

Extracurricular: 'Student badger'

Legacy: 5th generation Princeton College

Friends: David Greene, Charles "Charlie" Dillon, Chris Reese, Jack Connors, Rip Van Kelt, 

Enemies: Mr. Cleary

Relationships: Unknown

Sexuality: Unknown

Religion: Christianity, possibly Methodist or another Protestant denomination.

Good at: Entertaining, seemingly good in Gierasch's history class, presumable strong in French writing (but not dictation so much)

Weaknesses: Handles stress poorly,

Status: Suffers nervous breakdown. It is unknown what becomes of him after.

McGivern, otherwise only known as "Mack", is one of the supporting characters in the 1992 film School Ties. Mack is the football team's "student badger", as he cannot play the game itself due to being "too frail" (as described by Charlie Dillion). Despite being weaker and just as adorable as his football playing friends, McGivern is still a very likeable character as seen when he tells his jokes, portraying him to be the class clown. He's also fairly relatable, we can see this when he has his nervous breakdown over school. All in all, Mack McGivern is a misunderstood and underappreciated student, who most likely struggles with anxiety.

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